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European Dollhouse City

Is that Romare Beardon in the window?

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Translating "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"

In your small quorum, discuss details with those you sit among.*

And for "Consectetur adipiscing elit,"
constructive advice bring out.

*Ipsum being discuss deeply, as in dip into the pot deeply, and sum it up; and dolor meaning the shades and colors, the details of a matter.

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Art for Synagogue Walls, Interior

Large paintings are to adorn one wall.  They are meant to evoke the first six days of creation.  The days relate to (describe) the first six eras (thousand years) of Jewish reckoning of history.  We are living in the sixth millennium, the 5775th year of creation = 2015.  Hey, we're in a palindromic year!  

The seventh day of creation corresponds to messianic era to come.  If it is not hurried along, it will arrive in 225 years.

The opposite wall will have the same images but of stained glass.

The ner tamid, נֵר תָּמִיד, represents the seventh in this relationship of art.

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